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We Provide Our Clients With Excellent Flatwork Installation Services!

There are plenty of construction projects that can be initiated. Among them, flatwork services are particularly popular due to their functionality and visual appeal.

These include patios, sidewalks, driveways, and foundations to name a few. However, construction requirements such as prior experience and utilization of special equipment necessitate hiring professional services.

In this regard, we at HMC Asphalt and Concrete are regarded as the best due to our stellar reputation in Dallas, TX. Our flatwork installation services are renowned due to our dedication to client satisfaction. This ensures that we take special care of providing unconditional quality and reliability in our services.

Our versatility is exemplified by our commercial & residential flatwork installation services. This is made possible thanks to the dedicated efforts of our skilled team of professionals. They make use of top-shelf materials and advanced equipment to ensure uniform quality standards. In addition, they ensure a seamless installation that is resistant enough to stand the test of time.

We prioritize the demands of our clients at all times. Whether it is the installation of a concrete patio or a paved sidewalk, we seek to fulfill their wishes. You can rest assured as our promise of quality ensures that there are no defects or flaws in the installed flatwork.

Our Driveways Installation Services Merge Functionality With Aesthetics!

A driveway is the outermost element of your property. It serves as a connection between your home and the street. Thus, it is important for more than one purpose because it helps in building up an image of your property from the outside. As a professional contractor, it is for this reason that we place special emphasis on our driveway services.

With a sparkling reputation for providing excellent driveways installation services, you can rest assured. There is no doubt about the quality of service that we provide. This is because our sole goal and purpose is to attain maximum client satisfaction. It is thanks to this relentless pursuit that we are able to maintain such high standards of results.

We are facilitated in this via our utilization of specialized equipment and advanced installation techniques. Our team of trained professionals makes sure to use only high-quality materials so lasting durability is delivered.

We also offer our clients a number of choices related to the material, color, and texture of the driveway to be installed. Thus, we are able to make the driveway a natural extension of your house. In addition, we ensure seamless installation with the absence of any flaws like gaps or cracks. Get in touch with us now to avail of our services.

Reliable And Secure Site Excavation Work Services At Your Disposal!

Usually considered the initial step when embarking on a construction project, site excavation is not a piece of cake. Besides requiring meticulous preparation and planning, it also requires the usage of professional equipment. Due to these requirements, it is advised to contact professional services to ensure top results.

To guarantee the safety of the new construction project, we recommend hiring our site excavation work services. With a reputation for delivering on our promises of reliability and durability, you can cast all your worries away. We handle all of the logistics involved by ourselves and ensure timely project completion.

We start by thoroughly inspecting the site itself and deciding on the best course of action. In this regard, our team of qualified experts makes use of heavy-duty equipment. These include loaders, bulldozers, and excavators to help speed up the process and ensure effective results. We also ensure compliance with safety standards and protocols for your peace of mind.

Since our company prioritizes client satisfaction, we take great care to ensure there is no unintended site damage. This approach is helpful to ensure there is minimal environmental damage as well. With our staff possessing the required experience and know-how, you can rest assured. Consider contacting us now to learn more.

Our Secure Foundation Services Promise Long-Term Durability!

The foundation is the basis on which your property is placed. If the foundation is safely and securely installed, then many potential risks are mitigated. Thus, the importance of the foundation necessitates hiring professional services. In order to ensure structural stability and long-term durability, we recommend our top-tier foundation services

We are renowned for delivering on our promise of quality and reliability. This is reflected in the way about how we approach your project. Whether it is seamless and durable foundation installation or timely repairs, you can rest assured that we have you covered. Client satisfaction is a priority for us and that ensures we pull out all the stops in our work.


Accordingly, our commercial & residential foundation services showcase our versatility and professionalism. Our reliable experts make use of high-quality materials and foundation types to ensure lasting durability. Some types of foundations that we specialize in include:

  • Slab Foundation
  • Pile Foundation
  • Strip Foundation
  • Combined Foundation

In this regard, our staff guarantees excellent results via the utilization of special equipment. In an effort to protect the foundation from water damage and leakage, we apply a waterproof seal. Furthermore, we also heat the concrete so as to remove any excess moisture trapped within. Our experts handle all of the logistics so you are guaranteed peace of mind at all times.

We Provide Top-Notch Sidewalk Installation Services For You!

Sidewalks are commonly found in every urban location. They provide convenience and facilitation for residents while also delivering safety. Thus, it is essential that whenever sidewalks have to be installed, due regard has to be given to the aforementioned factors. Effective results that guarantee these fulfillments are delivered by professional services.

In this regard, we provide effective commercial & residential sidewalks installation services to our clients in Dallas, TX. Our team of dedicated professionals possesses extensive prior experience and know-how to deliver such services. We take due regard to the functional requirements and aesthetic significance of sidewalks when installing them.

This process is facilitated by our utilization of specialized equipment and advanced installation techniques. This helps streamline the process and allows for greater quality standards to be maintained. We consult our clients with regard to their specific requirements on the material choice as well as the sidewalk design.

Thanks to our extensive experience, we recommend specific materials and designs to our clients. In either case, the quality of results is guaranteed. Furthermore, we make sure of seamless installation and long-term durability of the installed sidewalks. Our focus on client satisfaction means that we try to translate our client’s wishes into reality.

Street Construction Services That Co-ordinate Logistics And Planning!

Street construction is a comprehensive task that requires taking due notice of logistics and planning. Whether it is road safety, convenience, plumbing and sanitation, or design, there are a host of factors that need consideration. In order to guarantee excellent results, it is recommended to hire professional services like ours.

We provide top-tier street construction services to our valuable clients in Dallas, TX. Our extensive experience allows us to deliver premium results that deliver on quality and reliability. Asphalt is our primary choice of material for street construction because of its durability and cost-effectiveness. In this regard, we only use high-quality asphalt.

We make use of advanced tools and equipment to facilitate our work. In addition, we also offer street construction repair & maintenance services so that our clients are not inconvenienced at any moment. This means that we are skilled enough to remove imperfections such as potholes and street cracks.

Since we know that street construction is a meticulous process, we take care of all the logistics and planning details. You can set your mind at ease as our goal is to always satisfy our clients, no matter what. With a track record of delivering top-notch services to our clients, be sure to give us a call now.

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Amazing service! From the beginning of this process to the end results, everyone on the team was great to work with, prompt and professional. Great pricing and very quick turnaround.

Bri Cain Customer

My lots settling and my driveway was cracked and well below the foundation. I had HMC Asphalt and Concrete removed and replace my entire driveway. Their estimate was detailed and the lowest bid.

Kirk Kopp Customer

Words cannot describe how pleased we are with our new concrete patio! Willie was wonderful to work with and knew exactly how to take our vision and make it into a reality.

Maggie Stone Customer

HMC replaced my driveway and sidewalk leading to the front door and did a great job. The crew was so professional, diligent and focused on the job.

Colin Chung Customer

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