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Our Flatwork Installation Services Deliver Excellent Results!

Construction work requires extensive experience and the utilization of professional equipment to get the desired results. In this aspect, flatwork is one of the more prominent construction projects.

Due to the inherent technicalities and complexities involved, we recommend hiring professional services like ours at HMC Asphalt and Concrete. We have an excellent reputation in North Dallas, TX, due to our commitment to quality and ensuring client satisfaction. 

In this regard, our commercial & residential flatwork installation services showcase our qualities such as versatility and professionalism the best. This applies to a wide range of options that include pavements, sidewalks, floors, and pathways to name a few. Whatever the demands of our clients, we seek to assist and facilitate them as much as possible. We make sure of seamless installation with no outstanding defects in either appearance or construction. In addition, we consult our clients throughout the process so that transparency is maintained. All of this is made possible thanks to the dedicated efforts of our skilled team of professionals who make sure to leave no stone unturned in the delivery of our services. Thus, we use top-shelf concrete and specialized equipment so that durability is guaranteed. To learn more about our offered services, contact us now.

Add Functional Elegance Thanks To Our Driveways Installation Services!

Your driveway holds a lot of importance because not only is it an entrance but it is also the outermost element of your property and helps shape perceptions. Thus, it is imperative that you take great care to ensure that your driveway not only functions as intended but also looks the part. Thankfully, with us at your disposal, you need not worry. We are a renowned company that delivers excellent driveways installation services to our clients in North Dallas, TX. For us, the satisfaction of our clients matters a lot and this approach is reflected in the delivery of our services. We know from experience that our clients prefer customized and personal services. 

That is why we offer a wide host of material options such as concrete, asphalt, brick, and gravel for our clients to choose for their driveway. In addition, we try to match the driveway as much as possible to your home so it feels like a natural extension. Our team of experts makes sure that there are no unsightly cracks or gaps that might become a headache later. We also guarantee long-term durability thanks to the high-quality materials we use as well as advanced installation techniques. If you want to receive the best driveway installation service around, then give us a call now.

We Offer Safe And Secure Site Excavation Work Services!

There is a lot of work and effort that is needed when embarking on a construction project. The first step in this regard is site excavation. Since the site needs to be prepared prior to construction, there is a need for meticulous attention to detail and safety protocols. Without this, the entire future of the new building is at stake. Thus, hiring a reputed and renowned professional construction contractor like us is the best way forward. Our site excavation work services showcase why we are so highly regarded in North Dallas, TX. 

With a stellar reputation built up due to years of delivering quality results and ensuring client satisfaction, you can rest assured. We make use of specialized heavy-duty equipment to help safely excavate the site for foundation placement. This includes bulldozers, excavators, and loaders to help facilitate our task. All of this is made possible thanks to the tireless efforts of our experienced and reliable staff. They possess the required know-how, experience, and skills to ensure neat site excavation with minimal environmental impact. As proof of our dedication to client satisfaction, we keep our clients updated at all times and ensure timely project completion.

Guarantee Peace Of Mind With Our Reliable Foundation Services!

A safe and secure foundation is the cornerstone of your property. In order to ensure structural integrity and by extension, long-term durability, it is essential that your foundation should be installed carefully. Due to the importance of the foundation, we recommend our professional commercial & residential foundation services. Our clients in North Dallas, TX, wax lyrical about the quality and reliability of our service. In this regard, we offer a host of steady and top-notch services all aimed at ensuring long-term structural integrity. These include seamless and secure foundation installation, and excellent repairs as well. We make use of industrial-grade concrete to ensure that your foundation stands strong over time. 

In addition, we know precisely which type of foundation to apply based on a brief inspection of the site and the proposed project. Due to our years of experience, we know that water damage afflicts your foundation, thus causing it to break and wear. Countering this, we apply a waterproof seal around your foundation. Our qualified professionals also heat the concrete during installation for moisture removal and by extension, prevent cracks from forming. They also make use of professional equipment and advanced techniques to make sure that there is no compromise on quality. To secure your future, give us a ring now.

Sidewalk Installation Services - Durability And Style In One Place!

A permanent feature of an urban landscape, sidewalks are constructed with convenience and safety in mind. Thus, sidewalks need to be constructed in such a way that they fulfill their purpose while also providing an aesthetic touch. As such, in order to achieve top results, hiring professional services is the way to go. With a commitment to upholding quality, we are recognized as the best construction company around North Dallas, TX. Our commercial & residential sidewalks installation services are renowned for their emphasis on safety and functionality, without being at the expense of aesthetics. One important factor we keep in mind is matching the sidewalk appearance to its respective surroundings. 

The delivery of our services is carried out by our team of professional experts. They possess the required know-how and specialized equipment to provide satisfactory results. This ensures seamless installation and due care for the prevention of the development of any cracks. In accordance with our emphasis on client satisfaction, we offer a lot of variety in choices of materials but also provide consultation on what we think works best too. Thus, we prefer primarily concrete for residential properties and brick for commercial properties. One thing that remains constant is that the materials we use will be of the highest quality. Avail of our sidewalk services by reaching out to us now.

Street Construction Services That Showcase Our Professionalism And Versatility!

No city is complete without streets linking different areas together by serving as a means of access and facilitation. What streets offer is convenience and safety, which necessitates the need for supreme construction quality. Street construction is a complex task with many aspects to consider such as road safety, quality, sanitation, and design. That is why we offer our top-notch street construction services to our clients in North Dallas, TX. With our team of qualified professionals at the helm of things, you can set your mind at ease. We have extensive experience in delivering top-tier street services such as our renowned street construction repair & maintenance services. 

Our professionals are adept at resolving any quibbles and issues in your street such as potholes and cracks. We make use of high-quality materials and state-of-the-art equipment so that there are no complaints on the part of our clients. In this regard, we primarily use asphalt as the material for street construction while employing advanced techniques to ensure the street is leveled and uniform. Thus, you can be assured of long-lasting durability and functionality. In addition, we fulfill our commitment by providing comprehensive services that take due note of street planning and other logistics. Consider hiring us now and get premium services catered specifically to your needs.

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Amazing service! From the beginning of this process to the end results, everyone on the team was great to work with, prompt and professional. Great pricing and very quick turnaround.

Bri Cain Customer

My lots settling and my driveway was cracked and well below the foundation. I had HMC Asphalt and Concrete removed and replace my entire driveway. Their estimate was detailed and the lowest bid.

Kirk Kopp Customer

Words cannot describe how pleased we are with our new concrete patio! Willie was wonderful to work with and knew exactly how to take our vision and make it into a reality.

Maggie Stone Customer

HMC replaced my driveway and sidewalk leading to the front door and did a great job. The crew was so professional, diligent and focused on the job.

Colin Chung Customer

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